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Fisher Power Supply is a leader in remanufactured Cummins engines and Cummins short and long blocks. We are your diesel engine company for remanufactured Cummins engines. Our diesel engine technicians test every diesel engine and diesel engine part extensively and provide our clients with the highest quality and performance.

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An often unique design and powerful yet efficient capabilities, Cummins designs are developed to support every component of the engine. Cummins engines have been used in nearly every type of vehicle. These powerful engines can be found in a variety of vehicles such as trucks, semis, construction machinery, marine vessels, and recreational vehicles.

Construction • Off-Highway • Trucks • Marine

These engines are versatile and unique in their shape and size, offering various options for customers. The usual industries you will see a Cummins engine working in are construction, forestry, and marine. Cummins has been one of the most established names in the marine engine industry since 1919. Cummins engines are powerful as they are versatile. If you are looking for a quality Cummins engine, short/long block or parts for your engine, look no further than Fisher Power Supply.

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At Fisher Power Supply we work hard to ensure the quality of our workmanship and the products we use. We offer a 1-year unlimited miles/hour warranty on our all our remanufactured Diesel engines. For more information on our warranty program click here.