Machine Shop

Here at Fisher Power Supply we proudly promote our on-site machine shop, complete with the latest in machining equipment. This allows us the ability to handle all our our own machining, providing better and more accurate service to our customers.

Here we are adequately equipped to complete an entire overhaul process. Our customers can rest assured knowing that all the engine components are inspected, cleaned in house, and machined to “like new” specifications. All worn components like cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts and connecting rods are all rebuilt in-house by our expert machinists. By rebuilding as much of the original engine components as possible ensures the engine work history that is irrefutable. Having these pieces rebuilt not only is more effective for the engine and/or application used, but will potentially add resale value to the machine or application.

In regards to equipment and services, Fisher Power Supply is home to a complete line of Sunnen Products, used for Cylinder heads and Engine Blocks. We have a AMC CM 2500 for boring and honing blocks up to 3500 series.  We clean all our pieces in our industrial CUDA 72″ parts degreaser before we machine, this ensure we are properly checking for cracks and wear.



Fisher Power Supply is home to this CUDA 7248 Series Industrial parts degreaser.

Step two of our remanufacturing process is cleaning and degreasing the engine components.

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Our Warranty Program

At Fisher Power Supply we work hard to ensure the quality of our workmanship and the products we use. We offer a 1-year unlimited miles/hour warranty on our all our remanufactured Diesel engines. For more information on our warranty program click here.