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Fisher Power Supply is Metro Detroit’s leader in remanufactured Detroit Diesels. We specialized in Detroit Diesel engines, especially the old 2 stroke engines. We can bring your engine back to life, better than ever. 

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Here we strive to provide each of our customers with an amazing engine that is better than the original. Our goal is to get the job done as quickly as possible; we understand that time is valuable. Just because we are fast does not mean that we skip important steps. All engines that come to us follow the same procedures.

 First, we disassemble the engine down to the block itself; from there each piece is inspected thoroughly for any cracks or defects. After inspection, all parts are cleaned. Each piece including the block, head(s), and crank are replaced with new, remanufactured or machined within OE specifications. The injectors are tested and replaced. Once everything meets our standards during the final inspection, the engine is assembled from the block up. Our technician’s precision to detail ensure that nothing gets overlooked. The engine is then tested and painted. We build our own custom crates for each engine. This ensures safety and security during the shipping process. Our crates are qualified for overseas shipment as well.

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 Detroit Diesel was founded by General Motors back in 1938 in the later years of the Great Depression. GM created the GM Diesel Division, the origin of today’s Detroit Diesel Corporation. The Detroit Diesel was known as the wartime workhorse, the production of their Series 71 helped bring WWII to an end. Their most popular engines were the 2 stroke diesels, which are no longer in production. These engines were built because tanks, landing craft, road machinery, and standby generators needed a lightweight, two-cycle engine. In 1965, after the consolidation, they created the Series 60. This four-cycle engine would later become the image of Detroit Diesel. 

When is comes to the care and quality rebuild of your Detroit Diesel look no further than Fisher Power Supply!  


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At Fisher Power Supply we work hard to ensure the quality of our workmanship and the products we use. We offer a 1-year unlimited miles/hour warranty on our all our remanufactured Diesel engines. For more information on our warranty program click here.